• o

    That spot down deep Just in the center of my chest A perfect tiny ball of gravity Has the power to pull all of the air Out of my body in a moment And turn it into unbearable joy Or pain Or fear Or longing Or complete ecstasy I want to draw it out Push […]

  • Numb

    Can’t describe how it feels But I can say how it doesn’t feel It’s not sharp It’s not suffocating It doesn’t burn It doesn’t shrink my lungs and make it hard to breathe It’s not joy It’s not exciting There is no anticipation Nothing to look forward to No awe and amazement There isn’t anything […]

  • Perspective

    As I watch them all of them I wonder What are you thinking? How do you see me? Have I made the right decisions in your mind? The exquisite perfection in choices we believe they must have it. They can see what I don’t so they must be right.

  • Addicted

    I think I felt it the short vibration check to see nothing but the time.

  • Attention

    Your eyes look down distracted How can I make you see me?

  • Vacuum

    What happened to the air? How, in a world so large with trees, flowers, wind, and sea can it all be gone with nothing left for me to breathe?

  • Doubt

    Please don’t doubt how lovely you are. From the day you were born you were a gift to this world. Don’t doubt the choices you have made. They have made you wonderful. The masterpieces you’ve created The lives you have touched and the light you bring to their souls. All of the gifts you have […]

  • Nature and Beauty

    I need nature and beauty. The innocence of pure life all around me. I want to watch the rivers in Alaska as they wrap around mountains that touch the sky. I want to sit by the ocean and smell the breeze. I need to feel the salty air surround me and know that everything is […]

  • Stars

    I have been thinking about the stars the night you kissed me. How do stars align? What, in that moment was so significant that it could change me forever? How could I deserve something so earth-shattering as your lips on mine your hands on my face the gentle touch of your tongue All the light […]

  • Waking Dreams

    I talk in my sleep and sometimes wake half dazed needing to finish the conversation as if my mind is trying to get my attention when my guard is down.